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Digital Printing

Unfortunately, no. While acceptable matches can usually be achieved, exact color matches cannot be guaranteed. Every printer and process has limitations to its color gamut. Digital CMYK generally has the smallest color gamut of all print methods. We recommend using Pantone Solid Colors when trying to match a digitally printed graphic; these colors end in "C"  (e.g., 249C or 4675C).

No. Files submitted to us in RGB will have to be converted to CMYK in order to print.

RGB process uses Red, Green, and Blue light to achieve a color. When all three colors mix together they achieve white. It is used for Monitors, TVs, Phone Screens, etc. Unfortunately, it is not physically possible to print in RGB because mixing Red, Green, and Blue ink (pigment) would actually create a kind of brown color, not white as it does with the light in your computer monitor.

CMYK, on the other hand, is the colour process used for print, in order to get white, one must remove all colors to allow the white to show through from the substrate material underneath it all.

It's also important to consider that RGB has many more color possibilities than CMYK. Never will colors on your monitor or screen match printed CMYK colors exactly. If color matching is critical, we suggest you note Pantone Solid Uncoated Colors in your file and job notes. With these colors, we can compare the printed graphics to our Pantone Book Standards here and get as close as possible.

No, Because when you print something it is created by dots (DPI) vs a computer screen that shows solid colours,

What does this mean? The lighter the colour the more grainy the print will appear

We Recommend Production Samples for Stickers and Labels if you are corcerned

A fee of $60 will be charged for a production sample of your stickers, Production samples are printed once a week so allow 7 days plus shipping time

Any sticker or decal that is larger than A4 will be shrunk down to A4 size to be printed as a production sample.

We strongly recommend you order a production sample when:

– you need colours matched

– you want to see what your art will look like digitally printed, as some colours may look ‘grainy’ when printed.

– placing large orders

– small fonts and details are present

A sample of product media with no print is free.

PLEASE NOTE: We take no responsibility for any of the above issues if you choose not to get a production sample.

Artwork And Artwork Proofs

No, we do not offer design services. As a trade-only printer, we don’t handle artwork requests. All of our prices assume you are providing us with print-ready artwork.

We Can offer basic service such as rescaling, adding texts or logos. Fees may apply

Email proofs are only indicative of the size, quantity, and information. They do not represent the exact colour of your artwork nor do they represent the colour that you will receive as computer screens represent colours differently from the output of the printer. If you require a specific/exact colour to be printed you need to order a production sample.

Once we receive an email approval on the artwork proof, the approval email is kept on file. This approval is the final step prior to production.

Once approval is received, the job will be printed and there is no returns or refunds for any errors that were not picked up on the proof.

The client is 100% responsible for ensuring all details, including size, layout and spelling is correct on the proof prior to giving their approval.


For any info or spec sheets on the following products, please contact us

  • Standard Gloss Perm Vinyl
  • Standard Matt Perm Vinyl
  • Standard Gloss Removable Vinyl
  • Clear Gloss Perm Vinyl
  • Gloss Hi-Tack Vinyl
  • Gloss Air Free Hi-Tack Vinyl
  • Semi-Gloss Extra Extra Hi-Tack Vinyl Stickers (special order) not suited to small stickers
  • Indoor Hard Floor, Floor Stickers with Anti Slip Laminate
  • Indoor Carpet Floor Stickers (also suited to hard floors)
  • Easy Dot Reusable Vinyl (Matt Clear or White)
  • Static Cling Reusable (Gloss Clear or White)
  • Oneway Vision (perforated vinyl)
  • Fluro Outdoor Vinyl
  • Metallic Vinyl 
  • Foil Vinyl
  • Reflective Vinyl
  • Coloured Vinyl Range

We try our hardest to recommend the correct product that will best suit your intended surfaces. However, there is a lot of surface such as painted and powder coats that can have 1000’s of different formulations that affect stickers and decals from sticking. Samples need to be requested prior to test on the surface intended. We are not responsible if you have not informed us of the correct information and all intended surfaces that the stickers will be applied to. We are not responsible if you do not take up our recommendation of testing a sample prior to ordering. If a sample has been sent, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that it sticks and stays on the intended surfaces. Any adhesion problems need to be brought to our attention WITHIN 2 weeks of receiving your stickers for us to investigate if the problem lies with a faulty product or it not being suited to the intended surface.

Please note that the durability ratings of our vinyl are the ratings given to us by our suppliers and are not a guarantee from us on how long the product will last. Variables in surface area, environmental conditions, treatment of the product, and exposure to chemicals are some things that can affect the life of your product.

As we supply DIY we cannot be held responsible for any damage to the decal upon installation of the product. We are not responsible if the product does not bond well due to circumstances out of our control such as insufficient surface preparation or wrong product type for the intended surface. We try our best to ensure the right product is supplied for you, but it is up to the client to request a sample to test to ensure suitability prior to ordering.

We always take care to avoid production mistakes. Production mistakes mean anything that is not the same as stated in your artwork proof. Note: please check your order thoroughly upon receiving it. Any issue found needs to be brought to our attention WITHIN 2 weeks of receiving your order and PRIOR to using and/or installing the product (if applicable). Faulty orders will be required to be returned in full back to us in order for us to check the problem and prior to reprinting and sending them back to you. We will pay for return postage.

Shipping & Delivery

Standard shipping we aim to dispatch your products to you within 5 – 7 business days unless otherwise advised. Dispatch times may be longer for larger orders or specialty products

Order are processed and finalised once payment and approval are completed and the time starts from then and not from when the order is placed


We accept credit cards, Bpay, and bank transfers.

Please attach remittance with Bpay and Bank Transfers to prevent delays.